Let them eat cake!

We had so much fun photographing these three beautiful ladies. When photographing kids you don't have long before they get bored and unenthusiastic, which leads to not very happy faces for the photos. SO after going back an forth with a few ideas, we decided cake baking and decorating would be a great idea. The girls also got to dress up in their princess outfits, so it was a win all round. We had hundreds and thousands, icing and chocolate stars, although out of the 8 stars that were to go on the cake, only 3 made it, the other stars went straight into their mouths which they thought was hilarious ha!
We also had a very entertaining incident when little miss Sierra decided to tip the entire tub of hundreds and thousands from a height all at once, which lead to them going everywhere other than the cake.
I think it is fair to say that over all we have a great time and got some truely lovely photos.

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