Little Harry's first photoshoot

It was one of those deceivingly cold English days, when the Sun is shining super brightly, but when you take a step outside it’s bitterly cold. However as soon as you stepped into Kate and James’s beautiful home in Fulham London, it was lovely, cosy and warm. Little Harry was just three weeks old, and when I arrived for the photo shoot he was just out on a little walk with his nanny. Kate and James showed me around their gorgeous home, where we worked out the best places to photograph, taking into account the lighting and décor.
Kate and I also pulled out a few of her favourite outfits for little Harry, we chose three different options for the photo shoot. As the décor of the house was quite eclectic, we wanted to keep Harry nice and neutral. The first set of photos I took were of James (dad) and baby Harry, the light was beautifully spilling into their living area which made for a perfect backdrop. We then followed into Harry’s nursery at the top of the house, where I captured some intimate moments of mother and son moments, as well as some close ups of little Harry. Harry throughout the majority of the photoshoot decided to stay asleep, with the occasional opening of one eye, just to check he hadn’t missed out on anything.
We did have a little break so Kate could feed Harry, because at the end of the day, the babies are boss. Finally, our last set of photos of the three of them were in mum and dad’s bedroom. Capturing some precious and cherished moments of all three of them.


"We had such a happy morning with CJ who made the whole thing really fun and relaxing. I would recommend to anyone without hesitation-lots of lovely photos for us to keep and enjoy. Thank you! x"

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